Thursday, 14 August 2008

Update on Zach and the hopeful demise of the green parasites

I was asked how Zach is doing now and especially since I had originally designed this blog because of having written the book, then I should really write something new about him!

So he's fine at the moment. That's not to say that he's out there in a suit and tie trying to get a job in the City. That's not how it works. He's writing music and lyrics and has got together with some other guys and he's in a band, once more. There's someone interested in them and let's just leave it at that. He's not homeless or on the streets or using anything prolifically - from what I know. We have intelligent conversations and still disagree from the same political viewpoints but what's new in that? It's pretty normal.

Zach's still not read the book. I doubt that he reads this blog. Conversely he wants the book to do well and understands my frustrations vis a vis its lack of presence and the vagaries of publicity. I think he'd like to see me on 'Richard and Judy'! It's an interesting conumdrum.

Tomorrow we are off to, hopefully, sunny Spain for a week. Can the weather here get any worse? Biblical rain and wind yesterday and heat in the form of central heating last night. In August? Yes. How depressing. How awful it's going to be for those folk who can't go off to sunnier climes and have to stick it out here with the rubbish weather and the credit crunch and the foretaste of 'recession' biting at their heels. Maybe all the traffic attendants will drown in a sea of green garments. That will make us all a bit happier...

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