Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Jools Oliver's intimate love-life but the dismissal of mental illness

Isn't it the case sometimes that too much information is information overload? Do we really know how Jools Oliver (the wife of the omnipresent 'cook' Jamie) followed her husband around the country so that she could get pregnant? I mean, sometimes isn't it rather becoming tasteless that these 'celebrities' have to bare all in order for their publicity? Isn't it enough that we know that she's pregnant without having to be given the exact dates and times that they performed the act?

There's not too much detail here but I thought that I should explain that I've had problems with my PC. It died on me. No emails. No blog. No going online to see how the book was doing. Don't ask about that! Appalling predicament. Pathetic really. How did we manage beforehand? Of course, there was no Amazon then. But even so. I think it's been infected by some kind of virus and I'll have to get it fixed but until then... I'll try my best and hope that nothing so dramatic happens.

I've recently joined a group blog. A Bipolar group. I thought that it had been pretty bad for me. Reading their stories and their questions, I think that I had it easy. At least they have each other, something that I didn't have in the past when 'Zach' was in extremis. You have to wonder how they manage each day. It's a mostly North American group but what I find is quite how similar the situations are - especially the problems that many of the sufferers have with their parents and their peers and their employers. The same denial of the illness, the same lack of care from the people who should be caring for them. They too complain about how Bipolar disorder, indeed any mental illness is ignored. For them the detail is absolutely necessary. But they still don't get the recognition that they truely deserve.

While we are continually bombarded with the intimate details of Jools Oliver's attempts at pregnancy or Fern's shrinking waistline (does anybody really care?) or Lindsay Lohan's lesbian lovelife, no one is informed in any realistic and compassionate detail about the one in four of us who suffers from mental illness. Will this ever change?

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