Friday, 9 January 2009



Has the world gone mad? What hysteria has grasped nations over the last twelve days that such things should come to pass? Nothing like this has been seen since the Dreyfus trial. For the last eight years, and on a daily basis, southern Israel has been attacked by Hamas terrorists. Israel did nothing. Israel waited while Hamas armed themselves – not stealthily, because both Israel and Egypt knew about it. They knew that the tunnels built under the Rafah border reached into Egypt, so rockets and launchers and mortars and guns and ammunition have been smuggled throughout the entire tunnel system since Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005.

Once the ‘ceasefire’ was pulled by Hamas in December, their militants then indiscriminately fired yet more and more missiles and Israel finally decided that enough was enough. Enough of Israelis living in bunkers. Enough of children traumatised. Enough of animals being slaughtered. Hamas and the rocket launches had to be stopped. Logical, one would think. For any other country, this patience would have been deemed to be commendable. The international community would have agreed. Yes, you have to act now!

But having gone into Gaza, where Hamas terrorists blatantly make it their policy to hide behind women and children, who then get caught – intentionally by Hamas – in the crossfire, the world weeps bitter tears at the ‘civilian casualties’ and the ‘disproportionate’ response of the Israelis. Why is it always Israel that the world claims uses ‘disproportionate’ response? What would another country have done?

Now the voices are clamouring. The websites are buzzing. The newspapers are braying. A ‘genocide’; a Palestinian ‘holocaust’; the Israelis are 'brutes'. Hitler should have finished them off say the placards. Jews are beaten up in the streets of London; Synagogues are set alight in Britain and France; pro-Israeli supporters are attacked in Belgium and Norway.

Who is doing the attacking? Why are they attacking? Why is the media so vitriolic towards Israel? Why are the UN, UNWRA, the ICRC and all and every NGO so passionately against Israel? Of course you’re not allowed to explain why. It’s all so un-PC. The liberals mouth it. The Guardianistas sneer it: ‘Don’t call it anti-Semitism. It’s just the Zionists we hate. Not Jews. Some of our best friends are Jews…’ ‘Pity the poor Palestinians…’

Israel is now going to be forced into a ceasefire with a terrorist organisation, not a member of any government and the UN is going to give Hamas credence as if it were. Why? Why are the UK and France and the EU so intent on Israel being subjugated by a murderous, nihilistic entity bent on the destruction of Israel? Because 700 people have died as a result of the very same murderous, nihilistic Hamas using its civilians as cannon fodder? Because Palestinian lives are worth more than Israeli ones?

The paradox is that having voted for this murderous creed, the world doesn’t believe that the Palestinians should be the ones to bear the blame for the war that they have brought upon themselves. For this, Jews are being attacked worldwide and Israel will stymied in its pursuit of the aggressors in these hostilities. It goes without saying, therefore, that the next time that rockets are fired from Gaza, they will hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Haifa and the anti-Semitic world will stand on their roofs, shouting in glee, and throw sweets at one another.


JmoinISRAEL said...

Extremely well said. I can't express enough my anger at the international press on the way they portray Israel. People are extremely happy to go along with what they are fed without knowing the REAL facts at all. It makes me sick! Do they not realise that they are supporting a terrorist organisation!!!!!! OF course Israel has a right to defend itself, any other country would not stand for this kind of abuse from terrorists!!!!

How about all these lefty idiots go and try and live in southern Israel and see what it's like with rockets and mortars falling around you on a daily basis!!!

Ros Morris said...

I agree with you entirely. Thanks for your comment.