Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bipolar disorder and the most able students; Zach's progress

A piece in the paper today stated that clever children have a much higher risk of developing Bipolar disorder than less able ones. I guess that's news. Research has shown that the more intelligent children are four times likelier to go on to suffer the condition. The people I know who have Bipolar disorder? Yes, they're all the brightest ones. Zach certainly is. He coasted through school, never really putting in any effort and pretty much under achieving because he didn't feel the need to.

Talking about Zach's education the other night, he pointed to the fact that he didn't read any of the texts for English Literature A-level. Just the crammers. Still managed to get a B. With a bit more reading, there's no doubt he would have managed A's all round and gone to Oxbridge but he just didn't want that. The irony is that he's now started a teaching course and is (so far) loving it! I always thought that he would make an excellent teacher. He's bright and funny and articulate and well spoken and manages to get his point across succinctly. I can see a class of students enjoying his input. Let's hope that he succeeds.

The interesting thing about the brightest kids being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder is that it is also these kids who are the most creative too. Kay Redfield Jamison, in 'Touched With Fire, Manic-depressive illness and the artistic temperament,' explores the relationship between creativity and madness. As one of her critics wrote about her book, it is "an emphatic analysis of the creativity that emerges from a little madness and the horror from too much." Zach is studying hard. He's teaching class and he's researching and preparing his next lessons. He's still also writing music and wants that project to be successful too. 'I'm a little manic,' he said to me last night. 'It's a good manic,' he added. 'I'm watching it. Not letting it get the better of me.'


Screen3 said...

this is something ive thought on a lot, could have a long long conversation about this.

but, just wanted to say im happy it's working this way right now....actually the last bit about about good manic but recognizing it. that sound like something i say. i totally get it. it's a good thing.
say hello to Zach for me.

Ros Morris said...

Hi, thanks. Any time for conversations about this is good! I will say hello to Zach for you (but who are you?!)

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I just google translated that last comment. It was very rude!!!

Ros Morris said...

Why would anyone have to bother?I didn't...

Ros Morris said...

Screen 3: Thanks. I'll pass on the message! Hope that you are well too.

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I was curious and google translate is quite clever.

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But this is supposed to be a 'serious' blog! Why would anyone bother to write pornography?