Thursday, 13 May 2010

Blue skies - but what do blue and yellow make?

I loved the allusion to Morcambe and Wise but will these two truely 'bring us sunshine'? It's a faint hope. Maybe a feint hope. Politics brings strange bedfellows indeed. They're in bed with one another. Do you think that the sex will be satisfactory, in so far as leaving them begging and wanting more?

Sunshine. At last. But it's so cold. The dog's hair is growing, albeit slowly. He's beginning to look shaggy again. The proof being in one small child, on sight of waggy tail, calling out to his dad, 'Look at that fluffy dog!' We haven't heard that for a few weeks. More like strange stares and befuddled amusement. What kind of dog is this? I wonder whether he absorbed those curious glances. Do dogs really feel?

Yet another case of a mentally ill man whose poignant requests of psychiatric ward to keep him incarcerated fell on deaf and/or ignorant-to-the-extreme ears. So he was shoved out into the 'real' world where he murdered someone. Of course, as is usual here, no one takes the blame and a poor innocent loses her life and the seriously mentally ill man just gets shut away after the event. Will they ever learn?

I note that next week there's a new series on tv called 'Sectioned.' It's about three men on a secure ward. I shall watch it with interest. Ironically Zach won't be around to watch it with me. He's going to join Beth for a couple of weeks. I know. There will be those of you whose eyebrows will raise in astonishment at his travelling yet again. This time of year. But he's good at the moment. He's charming and good company and a natural conversationalist. He also needs sunshine and blue skies and also to see Beth and she's in no hurry to come back here. I have a good feeling about this. Plus there's so much family there that there's some kind of safety-net should anything happen to him.

I'm looking out and I can see the sunlight flooding the terrace and there's still the blue sky, although clouds threaten, but it makes me feel so much lighter. How much we have all suffered this winter from SAD. How much it affects us all here in the UK. Why do we put up with it? Will this 'new' government make us any better?


Girl Afraid said...

i just wrote a huge long comment and then my internet cut out...

take two.
it should not be cold in may. i got sunburnt at lunch today and i was only outside for about 20 mins.

i read a story today about a boy who is mentally ill, was on a secure ward, was allowed out, he got drunk, went back to the ward but they didn't let him back in because he was drunk! so he went and raped an old lady. terrible, yes. but he was severely ill. clearly he should not have been let out unsupervised, he was obviously not receiving the care he required. how can a hospital TURN a patient away like that!!! haiti b'shock! i was so so so sad when i read the story and even more sad at the majority of the comments that people were saying about this poor boy. when are people going to be EDUCATED about mental illness :(

Nicola said...

In answer to your last question ... certainly not in the short term. Just hope that the pain may be worth the gain.

Ros Morris said...

People will never be 'educated' about mental illness. They don't want to 'learn.' They'd prefer not to be reminded about it because then they can deny that it will ever happen to them or their family. That way it won't even exist either. The fact is that hospitals will turn away someone who is mentally ill but will treat someone whom they don't consider to be a threat to them.

Anonymous said...

Blue and yellow make green.... I like to think of green as representing a new beginning, the green shoots of spring. Glad to here Zach remains on an even keel. I hope he enjoys his planned trip to see his sister volcanic ash clouds and strikes permitting.

kinga said...
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