Monday, 14 March 2011

Itamar. The insanity clause won't work here

Religion of Peace? Please. Don't.

We talk about madness. We talk about how psychosis does terrible things. What we don't talk about is the calculating madness that teaches children to hate and then that hatred festers and, having festered and circulated the organs like the tentacles of a malignant cancer, it has infected the working brain and the moral compass. This, then, is the consequence of these psychotic teachings.

Five members of a family in the Israeli town of Itamar in the district of Samaria were brutally murdered while they slept in their beds on Saturday night. Can there be another word for 'brutal'? Let's see. Violent. Cruel. Pitiless. Heinous. Vicious. More? Inhuman. Moral insensibility. A brute can be someone described as 'mindless.' Can the perpetrators of this most inhuman act be thus described? I doubt it. They say that there were two of these noxious monsters. They knew what they were doing. They knew where they were heading and the knew when they got there just what they were going to do. You see they had knives. They broke into the community and then they went to a house where seven people were asleep. Two adults and five young children. Yes, young. The youngest was a three month old baby. A little girl. Three months old.

I'm putting a link to the family here. You can see the before and after photos. The proud father. The mother at the sink while her son smiles shyly into the camera. Another of a beautiful blond cherub with ringlets and a kippa. How can you describe a photo of a baby knifed to death? How to describe the blood? The ripped body? The children spreadeagled on their beds, blood surrounding them?

We talk about mental illness and insanity and give reasons for it being present in so many of us and we make excuses. There is no excuse for this.

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kinga said...

No more drama, no more excuses...World is mad and Im just really worried about that...People are moer animals that humans toda..My flatmate has a sign of some kind of mood disorder is difficult to name that yet but I believe that can be bipolar 2:( Its so hard...How's your son?? Hope all well and hope you had a nice Easter break!!K.