Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dead laptops, muddy dogs and doric columns

My computer died. Over the last few months it had been sending me messages. Mostly like 'help!' and 'save me!' It was over six years of age and in these times of new technologies, that was positively ancient. It used to heat up so much that I didn't need an electric blanket. You could feel the heat emanating from the poor dear. So it finally left me on Sunday morning. I turned him on and nothing. No light. No heat. No warming hum. Just a blank sound of a dead machine. It was as if he had been a friend to me. Now I have to make friends with my replacement. I'm still looking for favourites that I had secreted into files. Secreted being the right word. Where ARE they? Anyway, everything is pure and pristine and clean and shiny. How long it remains like that is anyone's guess.

I'm also back in the UK. It's cold. It's also grey and wet and windy. I am NOT used to this! Where's my sun? Well, actually, the sun does doff his hat occasionally between the showers. I'm spoilt. I know. April in the UK is supposed to be like this. I well remember walking the dogs on the Heath on April mornings and coming home with them completely soaked and full of mud . The hose would be out and the towels would be spread around and the flat would smell of wet canine. Do I miss that? Not really. Then, again, I'm lucky because I have The Win to walk around in TA. He's of the Frenchie breed and he hates the rain. He dodges the puddles and the showers and huddles under shop awnings even if there's the slightest tinge of damp in the air. He's quite adorable though and I'm quite the Frenchie lush these days. I saw a tiny puppy yesterday, cradled in her owner's arms and I had a thought... No. No, not really.

So we are now making 'arrangements' and I have my dress. Who said that there's no 'happy ending'? We know that the only real ending is the one that leads to worms and dust but on the way we can digress, can't we? Lovely photos appear of the happy couple and there's smiles and laughter and cheering news. My dress is very pretty and colourful. It's perfectly apt for the occasion and I only hope that I don't fall over and break my neck on the shoes that I have bought to accompany it. Maybe I'm being too complacent. Maybe I think that I'm younger than I am and my balance is as it used to be. Maybe I just want to look good! Beth has hers too. Vivienne Westwood, no less. It's going to be a hoot, what with Mariachi bands and doric columns and heart shaped swimming pools. But, really, who cares. More to follow.

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Tony Morris said...

Wet canine or dead laptop - which is worse?