Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Updated version

I'm not going  to post why I haven't been posting.

What I will say is that there is always a light that shines somewhere for someone. It can be good or bad. In this instance and for the moment - there's always the moment - it's been good for 'Zach.' So I shall update you all. Or those of you who are still interested...

A number of years ago, when the book first came out (and I'm sure that I've already written this in another blog), someone said that they couldn't recommend my book because 'It didn't have a happy ending.' Whatever. What, indeed, is a happy ending? We all die, don't we? Is that considered a 'happy ending.' Again, whatever.

Last New Year's Eve we received a phone call from Zach. In it he told us that he had proposed to (let's call her Eve) and that she had accepted his proposal . In the same communication he informed us that she was pregnant and that their baby was to be born in August of this year.

Fast forward to August 2012 and, yes, indeed, a baby was born. A new little 'Zach.' He's not called that, of course. He's been called after Zach's much-loved grandfather. So, you see, there are small victories. Zach no longer appears to need his heroin fix and ketamin seems to be a fixture of the past. Of course, once addicted, always addicted and there will, obviously, still be one part of Zach where he would like to have just one more toke, a puff, a retreat into heroin slumber. However, he now has a son of his own and I do believe his very being will invoke in Zach a meaning to live as a real human being with responsibilities and not simply a cypher.

So there you have it. There's not going to be a follow up book. There's all sorts of things that I could write about. I'm an expert on how human relationships can fuck up your life. How damaging they are and how bad parenting can assume an enormous role in the make up and behaviour of one's offspring. I blame myself for naivety and trust. I've learned that one shouldn't embrace either sentiment. Let's hope that Zach does better for Jr.

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Berry said...

I have found your book so interesting and therapeutic especially as I lost my sone to a heroin/cocaine overdose earlier this year hope everything is still ok x