Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's February. London snow and nasty conflict

Wow, it's February and I have a new computer. Still can't work out how to use Word. Don't think it has it. Will have to try some new fandangled way of writing on it. Chris will have to show me...

A lot has happened and I've not really had much of a head for writing. My irritation and frustration has meant that I've been writing to comments pages and newspapers and being more irritated by other responses that I've found on them. Is this being opaque? Only to those who don't know...

Last week I travelled up to Grimsby. I've never been there before. Two lovely trains. One very cold. It wasn't heated and I wrapped my coat around me, trying to keep out the draughts. Still, by comparison to the snow we've just had, at least I had a train to keep me going.

Once outside of London, travelling along the countryside, watching the cows in the fields and the triffidous electricity pilons stacking the distance, it meant for a relaxation. I took books and newspapers but was happy to look out of the windows, into the distance.

The reason that I travelled to Grimsby was that I had been invited to give the 'key note' address to Workwise Women, an organisation started by the effervescent Lindsay and the more calming Sarah. It's a networking group of women in business, law, writing, the media and designers. I really enjoyed it. Don't think that my address was really the best but I read the first chapter of my book and sold a good many copies. Fifty ladies who sat silent and still while I read to them.

Otherwise all that's been newsworthy is the snow that has crippled London and the rest of the country. I'm baffled by our authorities here. They don't grit the pavements and the paths, so that we're all at liberty to break our necks but close the parks and playgrounds, on health and safety reasons, so that the kids can't throw snowballs at each other. The buses stopped - so that the drivers could also throw snowballs at one another - and the trains didn't budge out of their sidings, presumably because they might get wet! Was it the wrong snow, for a change? No, just too much of it! They only knew about if for a good week beforehand. This country is slowly, silently, going down the loo.

Zach took the dog for a walk this afternoon. They both came back with icy feet. Zach's still good. He has his first gig with his new band this week. I'll keep you posted.

UNWRA finally admitted today that Israel didn't attack the school in Gaza where they said that forty-three children died.

Hamas has executed over 150 Fatah members for 'collaboration.'

750 of the so-called 'civilians' were Hamas members. Children as young as twelve with missiles and RPGs strapped to their backs.

Women wearing 'suicide' belts who ran at soldiers.

Children armed with detonators.

Old people mined to bombs.

Just thought that I would keep you up to scratch.

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