Thursday, 26 February 2009

Scandals, Sadness and Zach's Thirtieth

Yesterday 'Zach' was 30. Unbelievable. I remember it all so well. Some things never leave you. You forget the pain but you don't forget the months while your body no longer belongs to you and a strange morphology takes over. Growing a child. How bizarre. Anyway, he's well and we all went out, with new girlfriend, and had a jolly evening. He didn't think that he would make it past 27, so this is all good.

Tomorrow I'm on BBC Radio Humberside. I was meant to be on it two weeks ago but for some reason - age, idiocy - I put the wrong date in the diary and completely missed it! What a chump... So I'm off to Western House tomorrow morning. I keep pinching myself. 'Don't forget to go to the BBC on...', just so's I don't forget.

Every day seems to bring another scandal and sadness. The sadness is David Cameron losing his poor boy. Parents aren't supposed to lose their children. Children are supposed to outlast us. I believe that the Camerons would have reconciled themselves to losing Ivan because he was so terribly ill but the time is never right.

The scandal is the president of Sudan. There he was in Egypt, seeking help so that he isn't issued with a warrant for his arrest in 'suppressing the Darfur rebellion,' ie actively participating in a real genocide. You know, one where over 300,000 people have lost their lives. Will he succeed? Most likely. The UN Court of Human Rights have issued 80% of their declarations against Israel. Not one over the Sudan. Now the new Pres. (POTUS as I see is the nomenclature) is giving almost $1 billion to Hamas, while the USA is on a downward spiral financially. Does this make any sense? What did they do with the other billions?

Scandals. All too heavy for some.

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