Friday, 17 February 2012

Dumping 'H' and seeking sobriety

I know. It's been a long time and I didn't realise how many people read my blog. Of course the problem is because people read and don't comment, it's pretty much impossible to know whether my words simply vanish into the ether. There's a visitor count at the bottom of the page but it disappears and reappears at random, so, like newsprint, it's difficult to believe it! But I'm back. If you're interested.

I remember when I first had my book published that someone I knew told me that she couldn't recommend it because it 'didn't have a happy ending.' I think that at the time I wrote about that remark here in my blog. As far as I know, life itself doesn't have a particularly 'happy' ending. We either get eaten by the insects while we decompose, or get burned to a crisp. Of course there's water stuff, but that's less common. So what's a 'happy ending?' When does what appear to be a daily tragedy turn into elation? Who can compare what is one person's happiness to another's? It's all quite relative, isn't it?

I'm onto the theme of 'happy endings' because there is some good news. In fact, it's news that two or three years ago I would not have thought possible. I still have to pinch myself when I consider it and I touch wood, avoid ladders, won't step on cracked pavements and go 'peh, peh, peh...' when I think about it but Zach appears to have turned a major corner.

I have a friend who told me that once Zach reached into his thirties, then he would finally adopt adulthood and change his modus vivendi and reattach himself to the real world. Whether the real world is worth it, is a moot point. However, it seems as though he has. That is, he's back among the 'living.'

Zach knew that existing where he was in the area that he was living was bad news. He therefore took himself away from his day-to-day life that hitched itself to looking for the next narcotic hit and fumbling to remain alive. He dumped the dealers and the hangers-on and pitched himself into sunlight and heat and sobriety. No more heroin. No more cannabis. The cigarettes are a part of his history and even now, so is the booze.

Are you interested?

To be continued.


karen said...

Very interested, Ros. Read your book in 2009 and am now re-reading it. Would like to know how things are now...

JJ217 said...

We want to know more! What has happened?

Wendy Lintin said...

Truth in the old adage no news is good news. Keep the updates coming please