Monday, 20 February 2012

Needed: Fizzy wet repairman for Mac

Amazing what a day can do. Well, actually, two days. I appear to have caught some kind of virus. Maybe from cat. Either way I spent yesterday in bed, after having been up yet again all night previously, losing my innards. Not nice. From midnight until 5.00am. Why is it that we always manage to get back to sleep between 5.00 and 5.30am? Is there some kind of body clock that says 'enough is enough... Go back to sleep already!' Then, stupidly I got up to go to Pilates. Not really an educated choice. My stomach growled throughout and so I heaved my weary body home to flat coke and bed.

Today marginally better but what stunning vistas greeted me when I did wake up. Blue, blue skies and sunshine! But so cold! Last night it went down to five degrees and that is cold for here. Everything is stone and is geared for heat and whatever heat surrounds us for a while from the AC only lasts while it is on. Added to the fact that three sides of the sitting room is windows, floor to ceiling, then you get the drift. Chilly. The best place is bed. I took the dog out for a short walk onto the boardwalk and the sea was cobalt blue and full of windsurfers. I don't quite understand why they are there when the sea is far more benign than it had been over the weekend, when the waves were literally crazy. Guess that the surfer dudes don't want to drown in the notoriously dangerous whirlpools and eddies that are a feature of the sea around this coast. They did look remarkably pretty though, as did the sail boats dotting the waves further out. Picture book.

Meanwhile I've heard no more about wet Macs. Fizzy wet Macs. We did manage a call on the house phone though and that's progress. That apparently also has its moments, when it doesn't favour working. Missed calls and fade-outs. Zach sounded remarkably sane about it all and we did have a laugh but I do hope that it gets fixed. Considering that it wasn't him who did the dirty deed but his love life. How much do you have to love in order to reconcile and forgive? I often wonder. Would have hated to have viewed that fallout, knowing what it would have been like.

The weekend is over there too. Shops are open. Repair shops and retail shops too. Let's see what the days bring.

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