Thursday, 24 July 2008

Interviews and Amazons

I think that Robyn has done really well with the interview. The Ham & High have run a full page feature about the book and me and a photo that doesn't actually make me look like Frankenstein's bride. The only quibble that I have is that she wrote that I 'hate' my son. That's not true. Well, let's qualify that. On the whole I don't hate him. I love him. It's when he allows himself to lose control and makes no effort to curb his excesses - be they behaviour patterns or drugs - that I do, quite frankly, hate the person that he has become. Not a pretty reflection of myself but entirely honest. Otherwise I thought that it was pretty good. Hopefully there will be others to follow.

There's now a link to buying the book at the bottom here. I don't know if it's going to work. We'll try it out. Still problems finding the book in bookstores and I don't appear to be making any headway in establishing why precisely there's no real promotion going on. Be nice to see a stand, fully replenished with my book, and a bright, bold advertisement exhorting the public to buy!

It's in the label but I'll post the Amazon link again in any event: cr tht view

As Robyn wrote: 'Morris's book stands out from the influx of trauma autobiographies filling the bookshelves, in the way that she does not glorify herself or demand sympathy. Her frank honesty lays down the facts and invites the reader to make their own objective judgement, with no promise of a happy ending.'


Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago when I told a lady at work to buy the book (and shoved it under her nose) she did say that she had seen it the day before in a book shop! So it is definitely being promoted somewhere (in south east london)!

sooz x

Jessica said...

Excellent!!!!! Thank you x