Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Power of Facebook - part 1

I've been informed that Facebook is the way to go. I'm pretty much a Luddite when it comes to some new technologies - well, most new technologies! Thank goodness for Jessica. So there's now a link on my Facebook page. It's like the old concept of the letter that was sent out to three people, who would then pass it on to three new people and then they, too, would do the same and eventually it would reach a million! The possibilities are mind-blowing. It just has to hit them between the eyes...

I see that Jenni Murray's new memoir has just been published. She had a whole page in the Telegraph this Saturday. Well, I guess she's rather more well known than me! The interesting thing is that her grandmother was Bipolar (or manic depressive as it was known as then). Amazing how this mental illness hits every family and how every family had a family member who experienced those 'funny turns.' I had an aunt about whom my mother would only ever speak in the most opaque terms. My father would alude to her, too, experiencing 'funny turns' and my mother would hush him. 'You don't speak about this in front of the children' was her most oft repeated admonishment to him whenever he brought up some aspect of her family that she thought should be kept in a closet. Her closets were full of skeletons. In fact, I think, she must have created the patent. Nothing was ever spoken about and I wish I knew more about her family. Maybe then I could have some idea why my present family is so loaded with psychological whimsey. I can't see my mother posting her news on Facebook!

So check out Facebook. See how far this can go.

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