Friday, 11 July 2008

So how can you actually sell any books?

Well, I found an agent, a publisher who's put his money into it, had it edited and typeset and a great jacket. I've also had my launch - when I sold out and Waterstone's didn't have enough copies for everyone to buy one and numerous people went home empty-handed. But they haven't got replacement copies and when they do, they'll only have five! Now I just want to sell books and guess what? I can't! Seems like there's even a Catch-22 here too. Notwithstanding that I've published a book, because I'm a first time author and an unknown quantity, bookstores appear to be cautious about stocking it! Now, wouldn't it make sense for booksellers to actually stock it in bulk for a week or so, see how it goes and then make a decision? If the public can't see it, if a bookseller doesn't stock it or - even if they do, they hide it! - then what hope have I?

Poor old Ailsa at Mainstream. I keep emailing her. 'They haven't got it at Covent Garden! The don't have a clue at Tottenham Court Road and the local Smiths haven't even got it on their system!' despite the fact that I bought two copies there earlier this week... Bizarre...

The PR does appear to be hotting up though. 'Beth' did her interview with New! magazine this week. Had her photos taken and a long interview with the very sweet Clare. I'm being interviewed by the Ham & High this week coming and their photographer is coming tomorrow to take pix of me. Not an enthusiastic prospect for me as I loathe and detest having my photo taken and 'Sam' always admonishes me, telling me to remove my sunglasses because no one can see my face. Well, isn't that the idea? Maybe they'll use the one on this blog because no one can actually tell i'ts me in any event!

So, Toby's got a copy and it would be great if he could get someone to review it if he can't and I've been on to Judi to see if someone there will too (I know, this is curious - but I can't give names yet...)

I'm still trying to work out how to load my blog counter. Would love to know if I'm writing this into a void or if anyone else is out there...

Rant for the day.

Thank you Julian for buying it at Gatwick!!

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