Monday, 28 July 2008

The Power of You Tube and Kippers

Chris L. said that I should post three minutes of myself on You Tube speaking about the book. I've just about learned about the Power of Facebook (Part I). How on earth do I manage You Tube? Whenever I try and watch something on You Tube, my PC crashes. Something about distortions. I have to ask for directions here but don't you need a video camera or something similar? The mind boggles with possibilities...

Is You Tube the way to go? I understand that it reaches millions but where's the hook that binds the book to the voyeur?

I read today that smiling may help beat depression. Oh, yeah...? And another thing: kippers. KIPPERS?? Maybe smiling kippers - yes, they will most definitely help beat depression. Maybe watching a kipper swimming around a pretty pool, smiling and flapping its pretty fins will make the depressive get out of bed, get washed, dressed, fed and off to his/her wonderful job, full of the joys of omega-3. That way no one will need antidepressants or mood-balancing medication or anti-psychotics for when you get to the position that the only way out is the Suicide Bridge.

You have to wonder about these so-called 'experts' who have the temerity to write about depression and anxiety or why they are even quoted when they come out with these totally absurd and irresponsible advertisements.

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