Saturday, 5 July 2008

Still sane?

I've had some remarkable feedback - already! Mostly along the lines of 'how come you're still sane?' and 'utterly compulsive... have to work but don't want to put it down!'

I really don't know how I am still sane! I think it's probably because I have the capacity to detach, distance myself from what goes on. I still get the sinking feeling in my stomach when I think that I'm going to be confronted with it all over again - but then I create the flimsy veil of detachment. I remember when I first went to live abroad, all those years ago. After that I always told myself that it just takes a month to get used to a situation. Whether it's moving country or moving house or living with insanity. Maybe the last bit is a lie... maybe it's taken rather a lot longer than a month to get used to insanity. You really never get over that last one, especially when each episode pretty much resembles the first.

Oh, and I think that I'm also going to get into the self-publicity lark. I shall tell everyone I know and everyone who knows anyone to buy the book. That way it should hopefully make a 'buzz'. It needs to. It needs to be read. There you go! My first self-publicity...!

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